Thursday, May 24, 2007

So Many Pursuits, So Little Time. . .

Welcome to Athena's Armoury!! I'm so excited to be starting so many new things right now: this blog, my second Etsy shop, a new flickr account, and I've even signed up for a new metal jewelry class being offered at my local fine art center.

OK, this being a brand new blog, bear with me as I add stuff, play, and make it fun. I'm looking forward to meeting so many interesting people through this venue

I already have one Etsy shop: I opened it almost a year ago and was doing a lot of, well, beachy stuff at that time. I was making hemp jewelry, macramé stuff (like belts, grocery bags, coasters), candles, fan pulls, etc. I hadn't really been including any of my other jewelry pursuits at Beach Bum, but when it started taking over more and more, I decided it was time to do something about it. I was teaching beading and wire wrapping at home parties for a little while, but my obsession with chain maille was pretty much taking over. Thus, the second Etsy shop with a name much more appropriate to chain maille:

flickr, too, is a work in progress. I've got some of my chain maille pieces up and have started to join some groups based on metal, jewelry, crafts, and, of course, chain maille and Etsy! I've also added a couple of personal pic's, so you can see me, my wonderful boyfriend, and my best friend who I don't get to see enough of.

Metal Jewelry Class
First of all, I'm one of those dorky people who love learning and taking classes (as long as there's no homework or exams, anyway) and, obviously, I love jewelry. I am so excited about this class! Yes, I get to use power tools when I make my rings for my maille, but I get to work with all kinds of goodies in this class including a torch. I'll be soldering, making woven chains, hinges, boxes, fold forming, granulation, fusing, and mokume gane. Did I mention I was excited?

With so much going on, I hope to continue to posting updates with all kinds of exciting news!