Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trying to Make Nice with a Little Sparkly

My blog isn't talking to me right now. She's a little disgruntled that I've been neglecting her lately. I'd like to make it up by sharing a pretty sparkly I finally had time to photograph.

I love the way this came out. This versatile piece is part jewelry, part armor. Made using stainless steel jump rings and accented with red glass beads and rosettes in the ring, bracelet, and body; a hammered, hand forged clasp completes the piece. This handflower is delicate and hardcore all at the same time.

Are we friends again?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rough Month

Gentle readers, please forgive my blog neglect as of late. May has been a stupid, busy month and it's not over yet. I had a quick 3 day (barely) trip up to NY to visit my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day, a somewhat wackier than usual work schedule (and that saying something seeing as I work in theatre), jury duty today, dental trauma from Hell off and on all month, we had our air conditioner replaced from yesterday to today (yes, that meant fans over night in FL), and then yesterday my Jeep wouldn't start (the part they need is on back order, so I may be winging it for a couple of weeks). . . All of this and I was finishing my mantle, working on jewelry for my sister in law's wedding (which we'll be going up to WI for next week), finishing the Damn Dark Doll (as I've lovingly started to call her) for the Fantasy Artists of Etsy Street Team's Round Robin, and have been working on designing my booth and costume ideas so I can start applying for ren faires and festivals.

Is it just me or has the month of May been pretty rough all around?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Renspace: Myspace for Rennies

My fellow Fantasy Artists of Etsy Street Team member Sacred Oak recently introduced me to Renspace. I must admit, I never really 'got' Myspace until I started exploring Renspace: it totally makes sense how people connect over there now! Again, I must admit, I still haven't signed up for Myspace yet, but I did for Renspace - it just seemed to make more sense since it's dedicated to the faire folk that I'm trying to connect with. I've neglected my blog a bit lately (the month of May has been insanely busy!) and so too with my Renspace page, but here it is. Come check out my page and explore the site - it's a really fun resource!