Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Finds - A Magickal Kitchen

I would love to have this print by Emily Balivet in my kitchen. Although, I don't necessarily consider myself to be a Wiccan or Pagan, I do feel like I have witchy tendencies.

For the discreetly witchy inclined, a Kitchen Witch is a great accessory. Yes, she represents the modern Pagan's Kitchen Witch Tradition, but she's also well known in folk lore of many countries for bringing luck in the kitchen.

My playing with herbs lately makes me feel like I'm brewing and concocting on a regular basis. It feels very much like I should have a cauldron.


mermaiden said...

how i love this post! indeed, you are inclined to much witchery, whether you name it that or not ;P

mermaiden said...

oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog party- woo hoo! did you see all the crayon decorating by crazy baby hisself?
and the last hat pic was listed, but sold supa fast. on artfire, even. go figure!

Athena's Armoury said...

I must admit, I really love these finds, too! Congrats on the super quick sale, chica.