Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow friggin' White

I spent a fabulous few hours yesterday playing in my herb garden! Originally, my intention was to re-pot a couple of herbs, shower & get dressed, and head out to a craft fair. Instead, I totally lost track of time. My yarrow desperately needed to go into a different pot. I had my thyme and oregano in the same pot for a while so I wanted to give each it's own home. I also wanted to plant the Thai Basil seeds I got the day before at Herb Day: I've never had much luck growing anything from seed, so we'll see how this goes! This past week, I noticed some yellow mushrooms blooming in my ivy and spiky plant (that I still don't know the name of) pot so I really needed to deal with that. That was not fun. I removed the 'shrooms and about an inch of the top layer of soil which was taken over by some horrendous yellow spores and mold. Truly disgusting. I hope I was able to save it! I spent a lot of time, simply pruning my herbs and spending time with them. I know that sounds like a crazy plant person thing to say, but they are alive and have an energy about them.

While I was spending time tending to my herbs, I was also visited by a few critters. Being Florida, there was of course an insane amount of geckos around, but I also saw a different kind of lizard. His back was bumpy, he skin was so pale that it was almost translucent, and he was quite a bit bigger than even a large gecko. I also got to play with two of the most adorable frogs that might be making their home in my herbs. I felt so bad displacing them, but they were in one of the plants that needed to be re-potted. I hope they come back. I even got to see a Blue Jay up close in my neighbor's tree. I felt like Snow friggin' White.

That quality time spent with Mother Nature and my herbs made me think about something I read in my first lesson with Rosemary Gladstar.

Herbs contain chemicals that have no apparent function for the life processes of the plant. However, these very chemicals have a direct and positive influence on the human body.

It's almost as if they are saying "we're good for you, here's proof."


mermaiden said...

the influence the herbs is having on you is positively tangible. makes me smile WIDE :D

don't forget to keep an eye out for that snake skin for me!

Peldyn said...

Lucky you to live where you can grow things. I keep trying but the desert is not a good environment for herbs. The only thing left hanging on right now is the rosemary and a good hard freeze can carry that off even if I mulch it well.

Athena's Armoury said...

Julie, you know I won't forget! =) I just haven't seen any. I wonder how often they shed.

Peldyn, I really don't know anything about desert gardening, but I found this article: