Saturday, June 16, 2007

Great Business Week Articles

There were a couple of really great articles in Business Week recently. One was featuring Etsy! Hopefully this article will be good exposure for the site and we will see even more traffic. You can find the article here:

The other article is entitled Bringing Your Art to the Online Market and includes some advice on how to get products the most exposure on the web. It also has a few great sidebars about women entrepreneurs -- very inspiring! You can find that article here:


Kirsten said...

Thanks for commenting at my blog. Yours is quite interesting. I added you to my sub-list on Google Reader, so I'll see when you update.

Re: this blog entry. I read the first article you mentioned and thought it was very good, taught me some things I didn't know about Etsy.
I haven't read the second yet, but I will.

Steph said...

I had seen the first article and just bookmarked the second to reread. Thanks for the links.

Over The Top Aprons said...

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