Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dice Bags!!

I'm excited to be adding Dice Bags to Athena's Armoury! They are so fun to make. Don't get me wrong, I love the shiny metal jewelry, but I also really enjoy working on a decent sized project, too. I love the way the metal feels in my hands as I weave it with my pliers. With a project like this the metal turns into a mesh fabric, a feeling you would never expect from metal.

These wondrously versatile little pouches aren't just for dice, either! Going out for a night on the town? Throw your essentials into the pouch, tie it to your belt loop, and watch everyone stare at the shiny metal sparkling from your hip.

Guys: don't feel like loading up your pockets or carrying a man purse? Check this baby out: room for your wallet, cell phone, keys.

But, I can't forget you gamer geeks out there since my man is one, too. Of course this bag is for you and your dice for your next D&D session!!

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