Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bags, Bags Everywhere

I'm excited to announce the addition of more styles of Dice Bags in my Etsy shop: Athena's Armoury. During December, I was in a Dice Bag making frenzy: both standard as well as some custom orders.

My standard Dice Bag was quite the craze as a Christmas present to many a geeky significant other (I say that with lots of love since I have one of my own: self-proclaimed no less!).

One of the custom orders I did was for the same size as my standard bag, but with copper cinch rings instead.

When someone saw me working on a Dice Bag at work, I got a custom order for a Crown Royal size Dice Bag.

All of these styles are now available at Athena's Armoury!

Please note that the two standard size style bags both ship within three business days of payment, however, the Uber Dice Bag (Crown Royal size) will be made when I receive your payment and will ship out in approximately two weeks. If time is a concern, contact me first.


Hyla said...

Awesome bags! they are gorgeous!

FairiesNest said...

These bags are so great, I think my house full of guys would love these!

Helen Krummenacker said...

I'm a dice-slinger myself-- not currently, my health hasn't been good enough for the intense focus needed for good strategy choices in game time. But I still identify as such and have hopes of gaming again.

Truly, nothing embodies fantasy gaming like a chainmaille dice bag.

Do you sew at all? I was just thinking, the metal ones look scratchy on the dice, and are a look suited strongly for the fighter types. What about mage bags of chain net with a fabric lining? That would be awesome.

Sherry said...

Wow, your work is really wonderful, I haven't see it before.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Nicole Solo said...

great dice bags :) My sisters friends wanted me to make them some, but for free! I don't think so!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words!

Cynthia, they're in my shop, if you're interested. ;)

Helen, I'm sure you'll be gaming again before you know it! I love your ideas, by the way! I pride myself on my smooth closures, but you're right: they are made out of metal, so even though the closures shouldn't scratch them up they are still made out of metal. :) I'm not really a sewer, but may have to become one to work on those mage bags!

But, Nicole, they're friends, of course they should be free! =/ They probably have no idea the amount of metal and work that goes into them.