Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Not Being Sponsored, I Just Really Like These DIY Websites

Just a couple more awesome, DIY websites brought to you by Athena's Armoury. . .

As you may remember, I tried my hand making a sugar scrub for the first time recently. It was so much fun to make and I loved the all natural ingredients. I've always been interested in 'natural' beauty and in recent years have become even more aware of the things I put on my body in addition to into it. Well, today I stumbled upon (literally, not through the Stumble Upon) MakeYourCosmetics.com. There are so many recipes that I can't wait to try: Chocolate Milk Bath (sounds delicious, no?), Tea Tree Facial Lotion (Emu Oil is a natural sunscreen and the Tea Tree Oil helps fight off blemishes), All Natural Disinfectant (non-wood) Surface Cleaner (clean counters with no chemicals!), and so many more.

Plus, check out ThreadBangers for a new episode every Friday for some DIY fashion tips and how-to's so that you can create your own style instead of fashion dictated by the runway. They'll show you how to refashionize (their word) a shirt otherwise deemed ready for Goodwill or a landfill. But, they also have all natural beauty recipes (yup, that's how I got drawn in), jewelry organization techniques, backyard decor DIY style, wall decals. . . I can go on.



The Green Cat said...

J--you should check out "Better Basics for the Home". It's got great recipes for all sorts of cleaning and beauty products that you can easily make at home. I have to admit that I'm mildly disturbed that I brush my teeth and scrub my tub with the same thing though LOL.

Athena's Armoury said...

Thanks, Cat! I ordered it (none available locally!) and it should be in my eager little hands tomorrow. Can't wait to check it out!