Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting to Know You: A Faire Survey

I was browsing around the Faire News blog and came across this Faire News Readers page and thought it would be fun to play along. Here's Escarlata's introduction to the section:

"There’s a survey circulating among my friends on MySpace especially designed for those of us who frequent Renaissance, Medieval, Fantasy, Pirate, and Faerie Festivals and Faires.

Thought I’d share it here as a way to get to know my readers. I’m going to post the questions, then I’ll start it off by posting my answers as the first comment. I’d love to hear from you. And my thanks to my friend Tremayne for the thoroughly novel concept of just deleting the questions that didn’t make sense. Instead of deleting, though, I modified the wording on a few."

1. Tankard, Goblet, or Plastic Cup and with or without a cover? So far, none of the above, but I suspect it will be a tankard (all the more room for the ale!).

2. Did you wear garb your first time at Faire? Nope.

3. What was the last thing you bought - other than food and drink? It was a pirate coin necklace on a leather cord at the Florida Pirate Festival (wearing it in the above pic).

4. What does your favorite pin say? I don't have any pins yet.

5. Do you go for historical accuracy in your garb? I only just started putting my garb together, so I've been thinking about this. I'm trying to stay relatively historically correct, but within reason: the styles will be period, but modern made.

6. Where was your last out-of-state Faire? Haven't been to one out of state yet.

7. How many different costumes do you own? lol. I'm still working on putting together my first one. Right now, I have a leather coat, leggings, a shirt, an epee, and will hopefully have my boots soon. I'm planning on borrowing Scott's accessories (belts, pouches, etc.) for now.

8. Do you carry a blade? Of course! I currently have an epee, but hope to acquire a dagger and perhaps a main-gauche.

9. Have you been flogged? Nope. I don't think I'd stand for that.

10. When was your virgin year? Fairly recently, in fact: I believe it was 2006.

11. Who originally introduced you to Faire? Scott brought me to my first one.

12. Had your hair braided? No, but it would be fun.

13. Had a henna tattoo? At faire, I had an arm band done. Outside of faire, my favorite henna tattoo was on my whole lower arm (all the way around) done in traditional henna designs. It almost looked like a fancy gauntlet.

14. Do you have pockets? Nope.

15. Do you carry a cell phone where it can be seen? That wouldn't be cool. It will be in a pouch.

16. Will you shed part of your costume if it’s hot? Only if I have to. My leather coat pretty much makes the outfit, so I really wouldn't want to lose it but I'm also not going to be stupid about it.

17. What part of someone else’s costume do you wish you had? I love what I've got so far, I just want to complete the ensemble.

18. Ever had a run-in with security? Not yet.

19. Do you bother with Faire-speak? I keep trying: I understand Shakespeare, I've studied speech techniques in school, I repeat actors in period movies. . . But it doesn't really sound that great. lol.

20. What do you carry on you, that most other people probably do not? I don't know. I'm kind of a Girl Scout though, and feel like I'm pretty prepared for most situations.

21. Is sunscreen a normal part of your costume? It will be. I'm pretty anal about not wanting to get burned.

22. What color is/are your blouse(s)/shirt(s)? So far, I just have the one in cream. If I ever figure out my sewing machine, I'll try and make some more.

23. What faires have you been too? Bay Area Renaissance Festival and Florida Pirate Festival. I think this year, I'm going to try and get to a few more that are in my area.

24. Would you date someone at faire? My partner's name is Scott. He brought me to my first faire and he's the only one I'll be taking home from a faire.

25. Describe your character? She's still in development, but she is a shield maiden.

26. What is your favorite show at faire? That's tough. I enjoy the Washing Wenches, Johnny Phoenix, Flights of Raptor, the jousting. . .

27. Worked at faire? Not yet.

28. Do you prefer tent or hard sites? I've never been to a hard site, but imagine that it's magical. On the other hand, it takes a bit of creativity and work to transform a tent and I can totally appreciate that.

29. Do you share the pictures you take? I haven't really taken many yet, but the few that I have taken I've shared here and at my flickr account.

30. Do you know all the words to at least one faire song? Not yet, but I suspect that will happen eventually.

31. Have you ever given or received a kilt check? No, but that sounds like fun.

32. Plan on doing any new characters? If yes, describe: I'd like to figure out my first one, first!

33. Most memorable character at faire? Don't have one yet.

34. Favorite moment at faire? Walking in for the first time and realizing how much fun it would be. I love history and have a theatrical background: it was a perfect fit!

35. Do you have a photo that best depicts your persona at faire? Haven't gone in garb yet, but here I am trying on a gorgeous leather corset:


Deanna Lack said...

Funnness! I plan on reposting on my blog in a few days :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for playing along, sweetie. I look forward to meeting you at BARF this year.

Athena's Armoury said...

Deanna: I look forward to reading your answers!

Escarlata: It was fun! See you there.