Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Finds - An Ode To My City

I may currently live in FL and admit that I love the beach, but in my heart and soul I am a city girl. My city is New York. I was brought up first in Queens and then on Long Island, but escaped to the city as often as I could and went to school in the city. I love the electricity, I love the grittiness, I love that there is always something going on and something to do, I love the culture, I love everything about it. It's my heart. It's my home.

One of my most favorite places in the city is The Cloisters. The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that specializes in the medieval. The place is like stepping back in time to a different world. Part of the art is the architecture itself.

I went to school in the city and the campus was basically the village: Greenwich Village. The village is alive with history and culture. Between amazing thrift stores and all of the designers having boutiques, the shopping was amazing (even if it was usually just window shopping for a poor college student!). The bars are literally historic from having operated during prohibition, had been men only, and yet another one in particular being the birthplace of punk.

I went to school for theatre. Yes, I love the spectacle of Broadway and the grand musicals that it's known for, but what I studied and love is experimental work that is more commonly found off Broadway. Actually, more specifically it's found off off off off Broadway. Amazing places like Todo Con Nada, The Wooster Group, and PS 122 among others.

I hope you enjoyed visiting some of my favorite places in my city.


Unknown said...

great pics! as a toronto native who's only been to new york once (and it wasn't even to do touristy stuff - i worked with homeless dudes in the bowery and then with kids from the coney island projects), i can relate with you b/c i love all of the same things about toronto ... they're different i'm sure, but similar in other ways too. :)

mermaiden said...

feeling a bit nostalgic, are we? what a great toast- Cheers!

Athena's Armoury said...

Courtney, that was quite admirable work you did! I think just being there gives you a feel for the city. The touristy things are fun, but there's so much more to discover. I've been to Toronto, too. Unfortunately, it was always freezing out the few times I had been so I really don't remember doing much except hiding inside. I can see how the gritty feel would be similar, though. =)

Julie, I guess I am feeling nostalgic. I don't know what brought that on. At least not any more than usual. I love my city and miss it a great deal.