Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Joy Sunday

Probably about a year ago (maybe more), I was inspired to start writing this series of blog posts by Mrs. Dragon & Cool Zebras.  I think they both may have stopped writing them, but I'd like to pick it up again.  I think it's important to notice the little things and take note of what makes you happy.

I had a fairly low key week, but here are a few things that gave me joy...

I'm really not that much of a cook.  Basically, I cook because I like to eat.  This week, I made a few tasty meals that I actually enjoyed making and even more so enjoyed eating.  I used some of my fresh herbs and infused the meals with loving intent that they taste good and provide us with nourishment & leftovers.  =)

This is going to sound nuts, but... cleaning the windows.  It's starting to get really nice out down here in Florida & it will be the rainy season before we know it so I took advantage of it and cleaned (with my homemade glass cleaner) all of the windows & French doors in the house inside & out.  The joy didn't come with the cleaning, but with the sparkling afterward.

Reorganizing & purging my workroom has been an ongoing process for the past couple of months.  This week, I tackled a closet and realized that I have more display stuff than I thought I had.  So much of it will be perfect for craft shows & markets when I get my apothecary up & running. 

I made myself a simple necklace with a leather string & pewter beads.  It's certainly nothing fancy, but it's just my style & made me happy.

I started my blog up again this week & started rejoining the forums I belong to!  It's so nice to start being social again.  I really needed that time away but I'm so glad to be back.  I've missed everyone so much!

Daydreaming off and on about my forthcoming herb garden has made me happy this week.  I've been playing with ideas of themes: a Shakespeare garden, a moonlight garden, magickal, edible, medicinal...  There are so many options!  And, honestly, I might have a little section of each.

What were some of your simple joys this week?  Comment here or if you do your own Simple Joy Sunday blog post, link back over here and let me know so I can share the link in this blog post.

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