Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simple Joy Sunday

I'm one of those types of people that love everything to have a home and to be able to put everything back in it's place.  That said, my blog, aside from finally starting to post again, had grown rather stagnant.  I spent a good amount of time this week starting the clean up process.  I got rid of old links, logos, and some widgets that just weren't cutting it for me anymore.  I started doing some sponsored blog posts and added a couple of widgets that I thought my readers might be interested in and will also help me generate some income (check out the Groupon logo & Vistaprint deal over on the sidebar there!).  I'm going to continue redesigning things and will hopefully have a new & improved blog when I'm finally done.  In the meantime, it's a work in progress and maybe it will never be done because it's an organic, growing process that changes with me.

And now, some things that made me happy this week...

I spent a lot of time brainstorming ways to earn money.  There were a few reasons for this that I discussed in my Need Cash? blog post earlier this week but another reason is because there is a blacksmithing course at a local arts school that I would *love* to take.  Needless to say, I spent lots of time thinking about the course and what I can create for the Armoury.  You may hear more about this soon...

I was absolutely delighted that my Pink Warrior Chain Maille was featured in a collection, my beadwork was featured in a treasury, my Fairy Chain Maille Lariat was featured in this treasury, and my Uber Chain Maille Dice Bag was featured in this collection!  I really felt the love this week!!

I got my first orchid.  I had always thought them to be very sensitive plants, so I was always afraid of killing them.  A friend explained to me that they aren't quite as sensitive as I may think and to just make sure it gets plenty of filtered light.  She mentioned that a friend of hers with a green thumb actually feeds her orchid green tea.  It's just a little one, but I love it.

My first orchid!
I purged some clothes, shoes, & electronics this week.  It feels so good to get rid of some of that weight hanging around!

Got some good thrift store booty: glass bottles, wood display stuff, a ceramic teapot, a metal trivet, a garlic keeper, and a wee herb collecting basket.  All very useful stuff and all really great deals.  Gotta love that!

Made some Tangerine Lavender Soap this week.  I'm really enjoying soapmaking and am starting to get more creative with my additives (I used Apricot seeds in this soap for exfoliation).  I also had an idea for an herbal goodness package inspired by 3 Day walkers.  I can't wait to get it together!

I enrolled in a Culinary Herbalism course!  Yes, I invested a few bucks that I don't necessarily have with this course, but it's such a phenomenal deal and an investment in my herbalism studies and health.  I'm very excited about this!

What were some of your simple joys this week?  Share below or write your own blog post (we can exchange links!).  I'd love to hear!


mermaiden said...

it's so good to see you busy with such positivity!

Athena's Armoury said...

It's amazing the difference being happy makes, no? =)

Unknown said...

My simple joy this week was a tea in my new home with a few old friends.

Hugs from Italy,

Athena's Armoury said...

That sounds lovely!