Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hawaiian Student

Posted by Virgil Burks

Most people don't think about Hawaii and think about college but you know, I've always done things a different way. I decided that instead of taking a year off after college and traveling around I would just go to college in paradise… If you ask me that's being really efficient! Anyway, I go to the University of Hawaii and it's really not any different than any other school. I mean, I do get to surf and watch sunsets like a lot of other students don't get to do but I take online classes with my Kahului high speed internet provider and have to sit in for a long tests indoors just like every other students. I'm actually thinking about staying in Hawaii when I'm done because I really love this place and I think it's good for the soul. I'm studying environmental law so there'll definitely be opportunities for me here if I choose to say. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to go back to the real world just yet you know?

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