Thursday, October 25, 2007

The FAE Calendar is Available!

One of the Etsy Street Teams I belong to is called Fantasy Artists of Etsy, otherwise known as FAE. This is a fantastic group of artists and, in general, some really nice and supportive people. FAE includes the traditional fantasy fare: fairies, dragons, and unicorns as well as other themes such as medieval and celtic items, invented creatures, LARP/Ren Faire costumes or accessories. Our members sell everything from clothing and accessories to artwork, sculptures, art dolls and stationary. We're a very active group with contests being held, round robins creating fairies, calendars being made, and even discussions to create a book.

Our brand new calendar is a collection of artwork from many of our members (including yours truly in March). It was created by the insanely talented Sarah Pittman over at artca.

It is available for $16.99 (at cost) through CafePress.

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