Monday, October 8, 2007

What do you think?

What is this thing in my face and why aren't you petting me?

Okay, I've got a bit of a conundrum. I posted a little while back about a cat that befriended Scott and I when we moved into our house. I usually see her a few times a week either napping outside the house or even as I'm coming outside she runs over to me meowing to get my attention. We spend a few minutes hanging out and then we go our separate ways. This weekend I saw her two nights in a row near the house. On Friday night, she was by the side of the house trying to stay out of the drizzly weather we were having. Saturday night, she just broke my heart. I got home really late from work, but still spent a few minutes outside petting and talking to her before going in. I sat down inside near our front door to take off my heels (which I never wear, so my feet were frickin' throbbing) and through the glass panel next to the door I see a pair of eyes reflecting in at me. I went outside again for a little bit because I felt so bad; she stayed there looking in and watching me doing stuff around the house for a good 15 minutes.

I'd love to take her in, but the thing is, I have absolutely no idea if she belongs to someone. I can just picture some 7 year old little girl in the neighborhood crying her eyes out because her kitty is gone. Then again, if she does belong to someone, they aren't taking very good care of her. She's outside all the time and has been declawed. She doesn't appear to be starving and her coat is nice and soft and clean. Maybe she was abandoned and her coat looks so good because she's still young? I just wish she could talk so that when I ask her "who belongs to her?" she could answer. The other big problem is money. I can only imagine what vet bills and food and everything would be like and I don't know if I can afford to really take care of her right now. It certainly seems like she's adopted me, now I have to figure out if I should adopt her. . .


Wear Your Wild said...

Just stopped in to say hi~

I think you should put up a sign or 2 in your neighborhood.
We have 1 cat. As long as they're healthy, it really doesn't cost much to keep one. I can't imagine my life without a cat.

The Green Cat said...

Bite the bullet and take her in. It's cruel to leave a declawed cat out in the wild. If she belongs to someone, you'll see "lost cat" signs in a few days and then you can return her and scold the owners for letting her out so much. I'll even send you some handmade catnip mice for her! Come on.... You know you want a cat...

Kirsten said...

I too think you should put up a sign.

Athena's Armoury said...

Okay, between you guys and a few others I've spoken to, there are only a couple of popular opinions:
1. hang signs and see if anyone claims her.
2. take her in and wait to see and "lost cat" signs.

Scott thinks I should ask around to the neighbors, but that would literally mean walking door to door. Sigh. This afternoon, I think I'm going to try both knocking on doors and hanging signs. If she's trying to get in the door like she has been for the past couple of days, though, I may not have a choice. ;)

Felicia said...

I say go for it. She obviously likes you and you like her so y'all will make a happy family :)

Hyla said...

Aww, maybe she is what you are looking for! Everything happens for a reason!
Please check out my blog!


The sign is a good idea, but if the cat wants to be with you it will be there again even if someone takes her back home.
Every animal I have I have saved, even the horses...the best pet is a saved pet. They know you saved them and will LOVE you unconditionaly. KEEP IT, It LOVES YOU!