Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet Gawain, My Male (or maille - *snort) Model

Mantle available in the shop soon.

Well, I couldn't call him Arthur or Lancelot -- that's waaaaaaay too obvious.

I rescued Gawain from the depths of the theatre where I work. He appeared to be abandoned and unloved for quite some time (evidenced by the somewhat unclean fabric and marks at the neck).

Today, Gawain is modeling the mantle I made forever ago and was waiting for the perfect model to try it on. The mantle was woven using historical methods of weaving in Euro 4-1 (bright aluminum with copper trim).


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oh wow! Amazing work!

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Cat (darklingwoods) said...


Athena, come visit my blog! you are the second place winner in my drawing :) could you convo your address to me on Etsy so I can send you your goodies?



Improvedliving said...

amazing work indeed

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Deanna Lack said...

He needs a sword. :) Love the mantle, by the way.

Oh and.. you're TAGGED! (see my blog for your solemn responsibilities as a taggee)

Gypsygoods said...


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