Sunday, March 1, 2009

Simple Joy Sunday

I am blatantly stealing the idea for this series of posts from Amanda over at the MrsDragon blog who, I believe, in turn got the idea from Cool Zebras. Just wanted to give credit where credit's due!

Too often, we let the simple joys of life slip by. We may enjoy them for the moment, but then they are quickly gone. More often than not, people remember what's gone wrong or the challenges and hardships faced. I think it's such a brilliant and healthy idea to remember and hold onto the happiness.

I'd like to share with you three distinct moments this week that made me truly happy.

One day this week, my boss asked me to run an errand. Usually when I run a work related errand, I'll take one of the company vehicles, but this day I didn't. It was so gorgeous out, I really just wanted to enjoy the freedom of leaving the building for a little bit and drive my own truck. I had the windows open and was listening the the soundtrack to Assassins by the brilliant Stephen Sondheim. I know this may not sound like good driving music to the masses, but I am a theatre geek. I was so unbelievably happy, being out of the building, driving my truck, listening to music that I love, and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous day.

Another day at work this week, my boss had truly pissed me off. He does that sometimes and he almost always has no idea that he did (a bit clueless, he is). I got myself so upset that I literally made myself sick: I was sitting at my desk feeling nauseous and freezing. Lunchtime came around and Scott and I would normally just hang in my office and eat. Today, however, he came in and asked me if I wanted to go sit outside and eat. He had no idea how I was feeling or what had happened earlier, but his brilliant suggestion to get outside couldn't have been more perfect. It was such a simple thing and it made me so happy. His thoughtfulness (he knew I would love to be outside), being outside the building, and just enjoying the weather was just what I needed to shake how I was feeling and be happy. Thank you, sweetie.

Yet another day at work this week, a co-worker that I had never met before dropped by my office and asked if I wanted a chocolate chip cookie. Apparently, every week this guy makes a batch of cookies on Wednesday night and then wanders around the facility the next day giving them out to everyone. I just thought that was such a sweet, thoughtful thing to do to spread a little bit of happiness around. Like I said, I never met this guy before but his kindness certainly touched me that day.

Sometimes it doesn't take much. What made you happy this week?


Heather said...

Those are all great things. I especially love the guy who bakes the cookies. What a great idea. He definitely knows how to pay it forward!
Thanks for playing along with my little series! I've linked you up!

Parallax said...

This is a great blog-series, you're right, we tend to let things slip away.

And I'm totally charmed by the idea of of wandering around, giving out chocolate-chip cookies. I hope something wonderful happens to that guy.