Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday, uh, Tuesday?

Things have been a bit screwy lately, but I wanted to make sure I got this post in, albeit a little late.

Scott had surgery on his shoulder this past week due to a work related injury. I've been spending whatever time I'm not at work lately helping him (and glad to do so!). My biggest joy this week was when the doctor came out of surgery and told me that all went well. I was so relieved and grateful. Scott was truly a wreck for most of the rest of the day after the surgery; quite understandably between the general anesthesia, the nerve block, and the stress of the surgery. After a nice long nap and having some food, he was much more coherent, but still quite numb. The next great, happy moment come when the nerve block started to wear off and he could start moving his fingers a little. Of course, that also was the precursor to pain so it was kind of a double edged sword. It was thrilling nonetheless that he was getting feeling back.

A few days after the surgery, we were able to take the bandages off and we happily discovered that there was no bruising or swelling and the incisions were nice and clean. Scott was still in quite a bit of pain, but feeling well enough to leave the house and get out and about for a little bit. We spent the day running errands: we didn't do anything special, but it was such an enjoyable afternoon just spending some time together. We had lunch out and he got to get out of the house for a little while.

There were some simple joys this week for Athena's Armoury, too! The first was a happy surprise to see my Artfire referral points jump up to seven. I don't know who bumped me up, so thank you whoever you are! Just a few short days later, aquariann signed up as #8 and it made me so happy. When I got to seven I thought it was going to be so difficult to get the last three, so when she popped up i was thrilled. By my count, at this point, I do have the ten referrals I need for a free account but Artfire hasn't confirmed that on my account page yet. I really hope so!! No listing fees and no selling fees and no monthly fee -- how awesome would that be?!

I also discovered this week that one of the women I work with is a clothing designer. She asked for my card to possibly include me in on some of her designs, or at her shows, or even possibly to refer me to her clients. So cool!

Around the holidays I began work on a custom chain maille purse. I was very excited to be working on this project and it was near completion when I needed to finalize a few details with my customer. She had a lot of personal things going on for a while and I finally heard from her this week. I'm really looking forward to finalizing everything with her so that I can finish it up and send it on it's way.

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Heather said...

Glad the surgery went well!

That's cool that you won't have any fees!

Thanks for playing again. I've linked to you!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thanks, Heather!