Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds - Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Hello blogosphere! I've been a little quiet this past week because I've been on vacation. Well, I didn't get away unfortunately, but I've been off from work which is where I'm usually bored to tears and doing my blogging. Basically, I have two weeks of vacation time to use before the end of our fiscal year (they won't pay out the time not used, so if you don't use it you lose it), so even though I had no where to go I was still off.

The first couple of days that I was off was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and getting the house in order. To me this was absolutely no fun and certainly no way to start a week off, but it had to be done in anticipation of a much looked forward to visit from my best friend. Julie came down to visit for a couple of days in the beginning of the week. The weather held out for us and we got to enjoy going to the beach both days which is a huge step up after last year when she came to visit and it rained the whole time. And now, Scott is away this weekend and I have the house all to myself. I had all of these grand plans of things I wanted to do, but they've either gotten canceled because I've had to deal with other shit around the house or I've just clean forgotten about all of the other things I was looking forward to. Seeing Julie was awesome (and only makes me miss her even more!) and having the bed to myself has been much more enjoyable than I should probably admit, but this week off has left much to be desired for.

Time away from work is always good, and I love being home but I also realized that I really need time away. I need to not think about work at all, to not have to worry about the house, to not have to deal with the day to day BS. I need a vacation to get away from it all, to be distracted by beauty & relaxation, and most of all to have fun. Unfortunately right now we really can't afford to "get away from it all" but we might be able to take a long weekend in a couple of weeks. So in the meantime I have to live vicariously (tell me where you've gone or are going to this summer!) and in a bit of a fantasy world...

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Aquarian Bath said...

Nice finds! I was checking in to see if you had a post for the women's equality day. I haven't come up with one either! Maybe I will get inspired here with a 2nd cup of coffee.