Sunday, August 2, 2009

Simple Joy Sunday

I called in sick on Tuesday for a doctor appointment (nothing's wrong, just stuffed up sinuses driving me nuts at night) and had a more productive day than I would have had I been at work. Sound strangely familiar? Well, it really makes me happy to get a lot done like that.

My freshly re-potted herbs are making me so happy! They are so beautiful to look at, they smell amazing, taste super yummy, and are sooooo good for you. You can see my blog post about my herbs from earlier in the week here.

In Other News:
Despite the drama of actually getting my new tire (the cost was unbelievable & I had a 16 year old who had only been on the job for four days do the install), it is finally done. That's a sigh of relief. Now, I simply have to deal with the scuffs and the bent sidestep, but at least that's primarily cosmetic. So glad that first step is done!

On the career front, I still have a job and thus am still getting a paycheck. Always a good thing. I'm still thinking about what else I'd be interested in doing and I am totally intrigued by herbalism & acupuncture. If there are any herbalists or acupuncturists out there with any words of wisdom, I'd love to hear them.

On the house front, the room that we had to have rebuilt last year because it was flooding, started flooding again this week thus successfully freaking me out. Since the walls have been rebuilt, we're now considering what else might be wrong: water from the attic (despite the fact that the roof looked okay when it was all ripped up last year), a crack in the foundation (I don't even want to think about what that might involve), or just that water might still be seeping in between the slab and the wall (in which case a retaining wall might help).

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The Green Cat said...

OMG really? I can't believe after all the work you put into that room that it is still leaking! This is one of the reasons I am glad I rent rather than own. I hope it turns out to be an easy repair for you guys!

Heather said...

Getting things done definitely makes me happy too.

Sorry to hear your basement is leaking. No fun there.

Athena's Armoury said...

We've got a couple of ideas of things we can try that aren't anywhere near as invasive as last summer's devastation. Fingers crossed!

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I just your problems with your room, that's horrible! When we lived in Houston we had a room doing that. It took years to figure it out, but they did and in the end we had a really nice room, wter free! So hang in there, they'll find it eventually.