Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simple Joy Sunday

Finding the simple joys each week...

I started preparing for the 3 Day this week. A full update on this week's progress is coming on Monday! But in the meantime: my Personal Page at the 3 Day website went live this week! Squeee!

I spent some time working on Lesson Two of my herbalism course which always makes me happy. My hope was to be able to get through a lesson a month, so I'm running a little behind schedule. I still have some reading to do with this lesson in addition to researching the materia medica, making a few herbal projects (have to order the herbs for that), and my homework. I blame it on February being such a short month!

I listed my FAEteam monthly challenge. I'll show it off in a separate post, but suffice to say that I'm thrilled that I've been inspired enough to create something for the challenge two months in a row. That may not sound like much, but after the past year's lack of creativity it's really huge and I'm very pleased.

I made some more lavender honey. I just have to wait three weeks for the herbs to work their magic. I love the stuff!

The bad news of the week: I heard yet another rumor and almost definitively that there will be layoffs next month (as in tomorrow). The good news (if you can call it such given the circumstances): it's upsetting me, but I'm not quite freaking out like I did over the summer. All we can do now is wait.

As always, check out more Simple Joy Sundays over at Cool Zebras. What were some of your joys this week?

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