Sunday, March 7, 2010

Simple Joy Sunday

Finding the simple joys each week...

This was another week where my work schedule was pretty nuts. I was dealing with a show that was an absolute train wreck to advance (the show is today, so we'll see if the stupid carries on) and some corporate B.S. that has absolutely no place in theatre. That said, most of my simple joys this week were just that: simple.

The Cheesecake Factory's massive salads. I was craving a salad with tons of stuff on it and this fit the bill. It made my mouth and belly so happy.

I woke up to a Dice Bag sold in my Artfire Studio. Always a nice way of starting the day.

I usually like to have a few Dice Bags in stock because they've been a best seller for me but I sent out my last one recently and hadn't had a chance to restock yet. So, out I pulled my wire and mandrels to coil and then my Koil Kutter to cut up the coils. The blade in the Kutter was starting to get worn down, so I replaced it before I started. I cut through one coil and was moving onto my second when the blade snapped and I had the broken piece and rings flying. I cut my rings inside of a box in order to keep the dust contained and on occasion when the rings fall out of their holder, but nothing like this has ever happened. It was crazy and I was so grateful that there was no harm done.

I spent some time shopping for herbs for Lesson Two of my herbalism course at Mountain Rose Herbs. As any crafter or artist will tell you, supply shopping is always fun!

I acted like a big kid and went out for a drink after work. When I was on the road, it was a given. Your show comes down, you go to the bar for a drink. Since I've had a house gig (still in theatre, but working in one place) it hasn't happened that often, so it's fun when it does.

Yesterday, I was at work all day but managed to escape for a little while to check out the big annual art show in the park. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and there was so much beautiful work to look at. It was wonderful breathing it all in. I miss being surrounded by that culture. Plus, I treated myself to a Peruvian Turquoise and sterling silver ring. I find that oftentimes, the jewelry at art shows is usually so polished and refined that it almost looks machine made. Obviously it's not at an art show and it is exquisite, it's just not necessarily my taste. I tend to like work that's a little rougher around the edges, a bit more bohemian or even industrial. So when I found this one artist and a piece that was totally affordable, it was a no brainer. It's beautiful and I love it.

As always, check out more Simple Joy Sundays over at Cool Zebras. What were some of your joys this week?


Heather said...

Wow! That ring is beautiful.

mermaiden said...

Turquoise is a powerful healing stone- perfect for you!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thanks, ladies. I also read that turquoise encourages artistic endeavors, prosperity, and success in addition to being a healing stone. Silly me, I thought I was just drawn to the color.