Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Special 3 Day Announcement!

I have just been bursting at the seams to tell you about a special fundraising opportunity that has so beautifully fallen into place! The majority of my blog followers have been around since before I registered for the 3 Day but for those of you fairly new around here: I am the maillesmith of Athena's Armoury. I create chain maille which was originally invented to be used as armor (picture King Arthur) by knights and warriors. It's only in recent years that the art of chain maille has been adapted to be used as protective clothing, sculpture, jewelry, and many other practical and beautiful purposes. I mainly focus on jewelry, but have also been known to dabble in armor, housewares, bags, and pet accessories.

One particular femailler and business owner that I've admired through the past few years that I've been making chain maille is the insanely talented Rebeca Mojica of Blue Buddha Boutique. Rebeca launched Blue Buddha Boutique out of her spare bedroom in 2003; today B3 has grown to a staff of six full and part time employees, with interns and guest contributors. Her designs include the stunning Poseidon's Embrace (left, on Rebeca) and her signature Quantum Rose. Her projects have been featured in Chain Mail Jewelry, an instructional book by Lark Publishing and Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Her work has appeared on CLTV and in The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. She's also in the process of writing her own chain maille instructional book.

Not just a talented artist, Rebeca is also an amazing business woman. She is responsible for updating the website, developing new kits and instructions, writing the newsletter, bookkeeping, managing employees, researching vendors, and anything else that may come up! Rebeca is definitely one strong warrior woman.

Blue Buddha Boutique prides themselves on their meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled customer support, and a passion for what they do. B3 offers finished pieces of chain maille as well as classes, and the supplies you need once you get hooked from their classes.

The Blue Buddha Boutique is committed to making the world a better place, and has supported many organizations in the past including:

And now, I'm thrilled to announce that Rebeca has agreed to sponsor my fundraising efforts for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure!! The 3 Day is using the song Pink Warrior by Candy Coburn as their theme song (or maybe rally song! or fight song!) this year. My warrior woman roots inspired me to combine my love of the defensive art of chain maille in the fight against breast cancer.

The Pink Warrior Chain Maille Collection will be created using pink anodized aluminum jump rings donated from Blue Buddha Boutique!

Rebeca's generosity will allow ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of items from the Pink Warrior Collection to go straight to my fund raising efforts. I hope to have some items in the shop starting next week but will be sure to announce when they are available.

Be sure to check out Blue Buddha Boutique and support this amazing woman and her business.


M Dawson said...

OH WOW!!! Congratulations. I will do a blog post about them when I see the pink stuff going up in your store!!

Well done and I hope the hard work pays off!

mermaiden said...

things are falling into place- HUZZAH for you and all you do!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

How wonderful! Looking forward to the creations!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and congrats hun!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Wow, that's great news and so wonderful that you're partnering with and finding support through someone you admire! I can't wait to see the pink stuff... it's just the excuse I needed to do a bit of shopping. So happy for you, and all the warrior women you'll help, congratulations!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thank you all so much!! I'm thrilled that Rebeca wanted to help my fundraising efforts! I'll be hitting my work bench this weekend to start playing with the gorgeous rings she sent me.

Athena's Armoury said...

Hi all! I hate to say it, but life has gotten in the way lately (actually, largely in the form of fundraising for The 3 Day!) and I haven't had a chance to get the beginnings of the collection listed yet. It's coming, though, I promise!!