Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Finds - Raffle Sponsor Spotlight Part II

Welcome to Part II of the ongoing Friday Finds that feature the artists that have so generously donated their time and talent to my 3 Day raffle. Because of these amazing artists, ALL proceeds from the raffle will go directly towards my fundraising for the 3 Day to help fight breast cancer. Please check out these amazing Etsy sellers and, of course, (shameless plug here) the raffle where you can win some of their work! The raffle is super easy: check out the amazing goods, buy tickets (aka: donate to my fundraising), and then comment on my blog to let me know. That's it! Enjoy!

This week, I would like to feature some of the amazing maillesmiths that have contributed their work.

Kali Butterfly donated this amazing piece that uses scales (as in scale maille) and finished it off with an adorable pink ribbon clasp (nice touch!). Thanks to early detection, her mom beat breast cancer! Early detection saves lives, her mom is living proof.

Armored Hearts made these little dazzlers with Jeweler's Brass: they shine like gold! And of course, they are trimmed in breast cancer awareness pink.

Baron Byron told me that he enjoys donating his work for good causes and he was thrilled to help find a cure with this Japanese 12-2 earrings and bracelet set.

Nicole Hill donated this divine Half Persian bracelet that uses square jump rings. It's a great chunky piece for a guy. It was really important to me that there was something in the raffle that can be a good representation of the guys because many times people forget that men get breast cancer, too.

The forthcoming Coldfire Customs donated this bracelet and earrings set. The bracelet was created to be reminiscent of a pink ribbon (I love the versatility of chain maille!).

Meri is one of my fellow FAEteam members and she was kind enough to post my 3 Day widget on her blog for me when I first registered for the walk.
Don't forget to visit the 3 Day Raffle for your chance to win one of these or many other amazing handmade items!


M Dawson said...

Wow - oh Wow I would be totally happy with any (no ALL!!) of these fabulous pieces. Janine, you must be so proud of ahving such fabulous stuff for the raffle!!

Athena's Armoury said...

I truly am! So many generous & talented people came out of the woodwork to support me and support this amazing cause. I'm touched to know them. =)

mermaiden said...

i love that hefty bracelet :D

Athena's Armoury said...

Isn't it fabulous? I would totally wear something big and chunky like that. Maybe I should make one...