Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simple Joy Sunday

Obviously I'm still trying to get into the swing of things with my blogging. Between house guests and work getting extremely stressful (yes, threats of layoffs. again.), it's pretty much fallen by the wayside. I'm trying to fix that....

Finding the simple joys each week...

Driving home from work late one night, I got to watch an amazing light show compliments of Mother Nature. The lightening was gorgeous and so bright that it was blinding.

Scott & I went to check out the new A-Team movie this week. It was so much fun. You kind of have to turn off your brain at the door, but if you're an old school fan like I am, you'll have a blast.

In the middle of mowing the lawn the other day, Scott called me outside. There was an adorable tortoise wandering through the yard! Of course I wanted to play with it, but I refrained. I kind of just hung out watching it for a bit. He stuck out his head and checked me out. I tried to run inside for my camera, but by the time I got back he was gone. So cute!

I spent some time tending to my herbs. They were in much need of attention, but I also really enjoy it. I'm moving my mint and lemon balm (member of the mint family) to the side of the house where they will get more shade. I'm hoping that will help because the poor mint plant in particular is not doing well. Actually, I thought of planting an entire mint garden on that side of the house. The soil there stays pretty moist and it doesn't get much sun because of my neighbor's tree, so it might be the perfect mint environment. We'll see.

I also decided to do a little herbal experiment. My lemongrass is growing like crazy so I wanted to do something with it. I took some of it and some rosemary and put it into a pint jar with some white vinegar. In theory, in a few weeks I should have some herbal deodorant. Finger crossed!! I would love for it to work.

In playing with my herbs I discovered a frog living in my yarrow. Actually, he may be a toad (he was rather warty). I think it's adorable that I have this little guy living in my herb garden!! Plus, he'll help take care of some bugs. The next day, I went out to water my herbs and didn't see him. The yarrow was looking a little dry, so I watered it fairly liberally. Then, out of nowhere, the dirt exploded and the toad popped out and was hanging by the edge of the pot. I felt so bad! I wasn't trying to drown the poor little guy!! I had no idea that he was completely buried in the soil. lol. Later that night, he was burrowed in the lemongrass.

Thanks to my boss being a dipshit and the possibility of layoffs, I've felt stressed out beyond belief this week. Actually, I'm feeling like I'm on the verge of panic attacks like last summer when they laid off 20 people. Not good. I thought this would be a good time for me to start taking my herbal nerve tonic infusion again. I'm so happy that I have something that I can turn to that will help me feel better. I have to start doing more yoga, too. That's also an amazing solace for me.

As always, check out more Simple Joy Sundays over at Cool Zebras. What were some of your joys this week?

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RedMarionette said...

Chin up! I know its hard right now but the little things are what keep us going too. Keep us updated! :)

mickstonedesigns said...

I feel your pain - no layoffs, but SOOO stressful. I can really relate. So good that you can find peace with your garden.

Victoria said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are not going well at work. :o( But this is a great post, and I think you have a great attitude... and hopefully if they are going to keep anyone at your job, they'll keep the people who are positive and fun to be around, right?? :o)

I enjoyed reading about the creatures in your garden. It sounds lovely!

Shannon said...

Ho neat to have a garden visitor. We have a whole toad family in our backyard, they are everywhere! I love having them around.
Sending you positive thoughts and hugs. Job worries are very hard!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and support, ladies!