Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Science Fiction TV Show

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

Television is an amazing thing. It let's us browse thousands of channels each with different and unique content. There are soap operas for drama queens. There are reality shows for those who like a dash of life in their TV. There are criminal shows for those who like the legal system. Basically if you enjoy something in real life you're going to enjoy watching television. My personal favorite shows have a touch of reality in them about science. In other words, I really like science fiction TV shows. My personal favorite is most definitely Mythbusters.

At Mythbusters they test common everyday myths to see if they're true or not. On my I can choose from numerous episodes every day. For example, have you ever heard the myth that the only living animal left on earth would be the cockroach if there was Nuclear warfare? They literally put 3 bugs through a bunch of radiation tests to see which ones lived. All in all the cockroaches were pretty resistant to the radiation, but other bugs faired much better. So the myth was busted. There are hundreds of episodes of this show and all of them are entertaining. Plus, they're family friendly. They're a great way to get your kids involved in the world of science. Jamie and Adam, the hosts, are quite the pair!

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