Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Shop Your House

Hi! I’m Paige from Final Clothes-Out, and a big thanks to Janine for inviting me to post here today. My blog is all about being smart when you shop, and part of that is knowing when not to spend.

We all like change every now and then, but sometimes it’s not in the budget. So what’s a gal to do? Shop at home! And I don’t mean, “Go watch QVC!” I mean literally Shop Your House.

Chances are that you already have plenty of fabulous things, so you just need to rearrange them into something new.

Take this shelf, for example:

It lives in a room that plays double-duty (the office/guest room) so occasionally it will need to be something other than storage:

Tip #1: Think practical. If you want to change up a look, consider all the functions of the room, and decide if one of them should be highlighted. In this case, putting out towels and a candle for an imaginary guest was an easy fix.

But what about a look for everyday?

Tip #2: Just try it. I almost didn’t put this yellow print against the tan wall because I was SURE it would look stupid. But I really like it now, so clearly I was wrong.

Tip #3: Look everywhere. Do more than rearrange items from the same room. Here, the piggy bank was on my dresser, the retro clock was in the living room, and the print wasn’t even framed. If you expand and shop your entire house, you’ll have more to choose from and a better chance of loving the end result.

Great advice, Paige!  I know a lot of us aren't spending like we used to and making some small simple changes like you suggested is a great way of getting a new look without spending a dime.  Gotta love that!  Be sure to check out Paige's delicate, feminine pretties in her shop Little White Chapel.  Also, head on over to her blog Final Clothes-Out where you will see the journey that little shelf has gone through.  =) 

Make sure you come back for next week's very special guest.  Next week's featured guest blogger, John, is none other than one of the 60 Mile Men.  You can find him on twitter @60miles or on his blog 60 Miles: 316,800 Feet Closer to a Cure.


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Thanks for inviting me to be a guest poster! :-)

mermaiden said...

my mom is great with rearranging her house so it looks like she got a bunch of new stuff. great way to get your creativity on!

Unknown said...

That's very interesting! Thank you so much Paige & Athena!


Della said...

I shop my house and rearrange things, too!

Carapace said...

I like all the art on display here. Viva the art buyers!:D

Athena's Armoury said...

If we ever get things actually put away in my house, rearranging things will be such a great way of re-decorating. Thanks for all of the comments, ladies!