Saturday, July 11, 2009

New in Shop: Stress Balls, Hackey Sacks, Juggling Balls

Yes, they work as all three: stress balls, hackey sacks, and juggling balls! Chain maille is such a tactile art, that they are perfect stress balls. They have a great squish factor, making them great to be used as hackey sacks. And they are fairly lightweight, making them quite aerodynamic to use as juggling balls.

Each ball has an approximate 2 1/4" diameter, is made with bright aluminum rings, and is filled with fabric making it quite easy to clean.

Available in Athena's Armoury Etsy Shop and Artfire Studio. Please contact me if you're interested in only one ball. More colors coming soon!!


mermaiden said...

These are so cool! I can't stop thinking how they wood look as earrings, though, suspended from a single chain. My other thought is not to let "you-know-who" see them; i fear for crazy intentions!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thank you! Yeah, crazy intentions... They keep coming. lol.

Niels said...

As a juggler and (used-to-be-)chainmail-er I can tell you that heavy balls made from normal steel are nice to juggle with also, because jugglingballs shouldn't be too light.

I once started on the same idea but with a different pattern. Only got to 2 balls though because it was so much work..