Monday, March 8, 2010

The 3 Day: Week Two Progress Report

Milestone hit! I was so excited when I hit 25% of my goal this week after registering only two weeks and three days ago!! Imagine my glee when that was bumped up to 29% by a very generous donation just this morning. My concern at this point is that I've already reached out to my friends, family, and co-workers and although I think there will still be a few more donations coming in from them, the remainder of my goal will have to come through some big fund raising efforts. I have a few ideas that I'm working on...

One morning this week, I woke up at around 4 am with Scott's alarm clock and then didn't really fall back to sleep again until maybe about an hour before my own alarm went off. This made me realize that not only am I going to have a lot of training walks for the 3 Day, but am also going to have to train myself to get to sleep stupid early. On the first day of the walk, I'm going to have to be up and functioning at 4 freaking AM.

I'm happy to announce that this week's walks did not include any gator sightings! One day I did see a cute turtle and some cool birds, but that's it. Well, there was a metal gator sculpture on someone's lawn, but I can deal with that.

For some reason (and I really have no idea why), I thought I would be a good idea to break in a new pair of sneakers on a training walk this week. Man, was I an idiot for doing that. I walked for one hour and fifteen minutes and had two blisters (on the same heel, no less) about the size of quarters for my efforts! Well, I hit that milestone this week, too: my first training blisters! The 3 Day actually has local outfitters (New Balance is an event sponsor, so they are one of them) that will fit you properly for walking shoes for the event. They even offer discounts on their gear for 3 Day participants. My blisters haven't healed yet, but I'm thinking that I will need to visit one of those outfitters soon.

I continues to be shocked and grateful for the support that people are showing me from very close friends and kind co-workers to people that I only know online. The outpouring of support that I've received so far has been truly touching and inspiring.

Mileage to date on training walks: 13
Goal: $2,300
Achieved: $670 or 29%
Remaining: $1,630

If you're enjoying keeping track of my progress, please consider supporting me in my effort to eradicate breast cancer. No amount is too little or too much. Thank you!!


MustBeNuts said...

Wow great job on the training and the fundraising : )

Athena's Armoury said...

Thank you! It's a start. =) Official training hasn't started yet, so this has been my way of getting my feet wet. I think I got off to a pretty strong start with the fund raising. The rest is going to be hard part.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Glad to hear you didn't see any gators this week (except for the metal variety)! That comment made me giggle because we have 3 polar bear sculptures in our neighborhood. The first time we walked by them when Evie was a puppy she sat down and looked at them! Way too cute!

Love my New Balance shoes! I can't imagine wearing anything else! I hope they fit you well!

Blisters...ugh! May they heal quickly!

Enjoy the journey!


Athena's Armoury said...

I bet Evie was adorable with the cute quizzical puppy look on her face! Thank you so much for stopping by and showing your support, Michelle!