Monday, April 19, 2010

The 3 Day: Week Eight Progress Report

Well, I finally got a chance to go see a podiatrist on Friday. Turns out that I have plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the ligament on the bottom of the foot that runs from the heel toward the toes. I'm wondering if maybe we caught it early or if my case isn't that bad because the symptoms don't sound as bad as they are in other people I've spoken to: I don't have knee or back pain, the first few steps in the morning don't hurt, I'm not constantly in excruciating pain. In fact, after a week of not being on my feet, they seemed to be feeling better. It wasn't until after the doctor's visit when they taped my feet up that I was in pain again. Go figure. Anyway, I've been religiously following orders of icing my feet, wearing the splint, and taking anti-inflammatories. Now, that the tape is off, I'll add some regular stretching to the routine. I go back for a follow up visit at the end of this week: he wants to check the progress and I'll find out then if my insurance will cover orthotics. I'm concerned that it won't: I really don't know if I'll be able to afford them alone, but I may not have a choice.

One friend swears by a daily yoga practice (including down dog) and I must say that I would favor this (I do yoga already, I just don't have a daily practice). There are anti-inflammatory herbs that I may take after the drug regimin the doctor has me on is finished. I'm following doctor's orders because I don't know a lot about this right now and I have to deal with it promptly, but the more I learn the more comfortable I feel dealing with it wholistically. Which, of course, I would prefer, but aside from the anti-inflammatory drugs it's all stuff I would do anyway.

This is something that I have to deal with as soon as possible because my training officially starts in one month. I must admit that I'm actually quite upset about the situation. And I just don't understand how it happened. I've always been active, so why did this happen all of a sudden? I was really letting it get to me over the weekend, but then I remembered that I still have my hair. Dealing with some foot discomfort (and I am dealing with it) seems a small price to pay in comparison to the reason why I'm doing it. I will not let this stop me and I will continue to work towards ending the fight against breast cancer.

My first official fundraising event for the 3 Day kicked off this past week! Some truly amazing artists and crafters donated $600 work of gorgeous handmade items to be raffled off to benefit my fundraising! There really is a little bit of everything including artwork, jewelry, plushies, sculpture, and wallhangings. And believe me when I tell you, the work truly is spectacular!! The raffle is being hosted right here on my blog, so please take a moment to check it out. And if you're local to the Tampa Bay area, you'll also have the chance to check out the goods in person...

Which leads me to my next bit of exciting news: The Tampa Downtown Market is going to let me set up a tent for my 3 Day fundraising! I'm going to have all of my pink ribbon accessories, my Pink Warrior Collection, the handmade raffle, a raffle for thea
tre tickets to two different shows, and of course breast cancer awareness literature. I'm also considering making some pink ribbon sugar cookies and having some pink lemonade. I've been very busy this week getting crafty: I made raffle ticket jars and a huge donation jar; I also made a banner that says "Fight Like a Girl" and has some pink boxing gloves. I made a trip to Staples and had a couple of signs made that look like this:

When I picked up the posters, the girl behind the counter handed me a note from another customer that saw the signs. Apparently, this woman walked in the 3 Day in the past but will be unable to do so this year. She wants to help out in some way, so she offered to either host a wine tasting event or to privde the wine for an event. You just never know when you're going to find someone that wants to help. Amazing, huh?

Mileage to date on training walks: 41
Goal: $2,300
Achieved: $1,545 or 67%
Remaining: $755
Countdown: 194 days until the event!

If you're enjoying keeping track of my progress, please consider supporting me in my effort to eradicate breast cancer. No amount is too little or too much. Thank you!!

Don't forget to check out my raffle benefitting the 3 Day!


mermaiden said...

steady and strong. steady and strong. steady and strong.

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

What a wonderful surprise with your posters!

Good luck with the PF. You'll get through it. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!

Athena's Armoury said...

Thanks for the support, ladies!! I'm trying not to let this situation with my feet get me down, but I'm so baffled by it. I don't know why after being active for so long this is happening... Well, I go for my follow up on Thursday so we'll see what the doc has to say.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Your awesome !!! Great work. Plantar fascitis is what I had too - always felt like my feet were in rigor mortis ...eek. My podiatrist got me premade orthotics for around $75.00 because my ins wouldn't cover the fancy ones. They worked very well for me but don't work for everyone.

Athena's Armoury said...

Well, I'll find out this week at my follow up visit if my insurance will pay for the orthotics. The crazy thing about all of this is that my feet didn't feel like rigor mortis (as you so aptly put it) was setting in until he had my feet taped up & I started using the splint he gave me. I don't know. Maybe this is how they're supposed to feel while they heal?