Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Day 11 Growing Pineapples

Did you know that you could grow a pineapple from the crown of the fruit that you buy at the grocery store?  I had heard about that ages ago but never tried it until recently when a friend was telling me that he had success with it.  Unfortunately, he let it go a day too long.  Apparently, it seemed ready to pick but he decided to wait another day.  In the night, an animal picked it for him.

I used this website as a basis because, honestly, I was about to just stick it into the ground without exposing the roots that I didn't know it had.  I planted one a few weeks ago and even though it's roots weren't nice and long like the ones in the pictures on that guy's site, it is now firmly rooted in the pot that I put it in.  Since things seemed to be going well with that one, I thought I'd start another one.  Figured it would be a good back up if an animal decided to harvest mine in the night, too.  This second one had better developed roots when I cut it, but again they didn't seem to grow that much with the water.  I'm not that worried about it based on the first one.  So, today I planted my second pineapple.  They should be ready for harvesting in about a year.  A year!  Sigh...

Growing Pineapples


good sense in daily life said...

I've done this before & it took forever & a day to get it to root. Don't believe I ever got around to planting it. How long did yours take to root? Do you mean that in a year it will produce fruit or it will just be ready to plant outside?

Athena's Armoury said...

The first one never really did root in the water so, on a whim, I stuck it in soil and hoped for the best. Giving it a little tug now, it seems to be pretty well rooted.

This second one actually had a fair amount of roots when I cut the fruit down from the crown. This one, too never really rooted much in the water.

When I potted them, I put them outside and, I think, when the garden bed is ready they will go in there. From what I've read, they should bear fruit within a year. It's a pineapple experiment. =)