Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nature Deficit Disorder & Wildcraft! Boardgame

I just heard about an amazing deal from that I had to share with you...

Today more than ever we (adults and children alike) seem to lack a connection with nature.  As a society, we spend more time in front of a computer, on a cell phone, playing video games, and watching TV than we do taking hikes, spending a day at the beach, gardening, or just playing outside.  Something that I have learned in my own experience working with herbs is that it's one thing to read about and learn some facts about plants; it's something else entirely to work with them, get to know them, and build relationships with them.  Our own health, all the way up to our food supply depends on a deep human connection with nature.

Wildcraft Board GameJohn Gallagher and his wife Kimberly of designed a board game called Wildcraft! for children with the intent to help kids connect with the natural world.  The game is designed for kids to learn, develop an interest in plants, and be inspired to become actively involved in nature itself.  Wildcraft! teaches 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in mostly first aid situations. (Wildcrafting is the harvesting of wild plants.)  It also teaches team work, for you will rely on each other’s knowledge of plants.

They are offering this game for 50% off with TONS of free extras included (but this offer won't last long: it ends June 9, 2011 at midnight).

For $19.99 is offering:
*  Nearly 50% off the Wildcraft game 
*  Kids and Herbs 7 hour multi-media webinar series 
*  Dandelion Activity eBook 
*  Herbal Medicine Chest Chart (located in game) 
*  Herbal Remedies for Cold & Flu Season eBook 
*  Herbal Roots Zine Kids Activity eMagazine 
*  a great mp3 on h1n1 and natural remedies 
*  Interview with Aviva Romm, MD on herbs & kids (mp3) 
*  Elderberry syrup making video 
*  How to Make Herbal Lozenges Video 
*  How to Make a Chamomile Steam video 
* "Mentoring Kids and Nature Connection" mp3 with Jon Young 

The value of the game plus all of the bonuses is $195 but they are offering it for only $19.99.  I don't have any kids and I'm even considering getting it.  This is a really great deal.  

They even have a 200% satisfaction guarantee: if you're not fully satisfied with the game, they will refund your money and you get to keep the game.  (Apparently, out of 10,000 copies sold, only one person took them up on that offer.)

Wildcraft Board Game

Anyway, my love of herbs and nature compelled me to share this offer with you because it sounds really great.  Even if you're not into the game, has a lot to offer including free e-course, so definitely check them out.

Green blessings!

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