Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Day 29 Wire Spool Holder

The other day, I was coiling some wire with my fairly new Foredom/drill wire winder set up for the first time.  I had my spool of wire just sitting on the ground as I coiled but that wasn't really working out so well.  The loose wire kept knotting up since it wasn't feeding easily off the spool.  I knew the setup I needed to solve the problem, but I'm not a carpenter so I really was unsure how to implement it.  Enter Scott.  I explained the design I had in my head and the purpose it would serve.

Wire Spool HolderOne trip to Lowe's and some time spent in the woodworking shop and he built my spool holder!  The PVC pipe comes off to reveal a metal pipe of a smaller diameter for smaller spools so that the whole rig is interchangeable for whatever spool size I'm working from.  It's nice and big to allow for the larger spools and to be closer to the work area when it's sitting in it's home under my bench.  Plus, the little tray on the bottom will be a great place to store my drill/winder apparatus when it's not being used.

I love it and can't wait to use it!


pasqueflower said...

What a clever and handy hubby you have! You make a great team.

LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Unknown said...

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