Monday, June 8, 2009

Fighting the Work Blues

I used to be a stage manager for touring Broadway shows. I loved my job. I love theatre. I loved the sheer spectacle that I was a part of and entertaining people. Because I was in a new theatre on a regular basis, things changed for me all the time keeping things new and making me have to think on my feet. It was terribly exciting.

Then (after a decade on the road) I decided that I didn't want to travel anymore. I was tired of dealing with airport security. I was tired of not sleeping in my own bed. And I was tired of only getting to see Scott for a few weeks out of the year when we weren't on tour together.

Now, my job is a lot less exciting and I find myself with more down time than time actually spent doing anything constructive. I love to be busy. Being bored makes me eat and makes me despressed. I find that I've become extremely frustrated being at work and doing nothing when I know how much I could be getting done at home (common amoung crafters and artisans wishing to be self employed). On the plus side, I'm still in my field.

I'm tired of feeling like this. On days when you just aren't feeling it, what do you do to help you get through the day?


The Green Cat said...

Oh I hear you sister! It's been slow in my office and some days it's all I can do not to tear my hair out. I've tried to farm my self out to other departments but sometimes there isn't work they can pass off. Since I have to be at my computer all day anyway, I try to stack up computer tasks to do during the day: email, blog reading, photo editing, posting things to my Etsy shop, promoting my Etsy shop, etc. I can also do some handwork at my desk so I try to keep hand sewing around for the down times. As far as the boredom snacking, I force myself to drink a big glass of water anytime I think I want a snack. It usually cancels the craving (or at least delays it).

The Green Cat said...

Oh, and Facebook. Don't know if you are on it or not but it's a terrific time waster. And it's also a good place to connect with other Etsy sellers and promote your shop!

mermaiden said...

can you bring maille to your desk, or you have to be less obvious than that?

Athena's Armoury said...

lol, Cat, all of those computer tasks are pretty much what I do on a daily basis already. That's how not busy I usually am. I haven't gotten sucked into Facebook yet. I've read horror stories about their terms of service and that has kept me away, but I may still have to join and just be smart about it.

I would love to bring my maille with me! For as little work kind of work that I have to do, imagine how quickly I would be able to build up my maille inventory! Actually, sometimes I do bring some with me, but I can't really keep my door closed all day and I have to act like I'm working when I'm visible so there's really only just so much mailling I can do.

Thanks for the thoughts, guys! I do appreciate the support.