Sunday, July 5, 2009

Simple Joy Sunday

For some reason, I'm finding that my simple joys are usually more like things I'm grateful for.

~Warrior II pose. Yoga always helps me to relax and feel more centered and focused. This week of anxiety, was no different. I've always loved Warrior II pose, but the strength, pride, courage, and self-confidence it made me feel this week was simply tremendous and much needed.

~Jack, the officially kitty of Athena's Armoury. Jack was of great comfort to me this week. I found myself truly looking forward to seeing him when I was driving home from work. There really is something to be said about having an adorable furball waiting for you when you get home. And, if I had to guess, he was more tolerant of my attempts to cuddle with him (he usually cuddles under his own terms and usually not for long) because he sensed something was up.

~Sleep. When I get stressed, I do a number on my neck and get so tired that I could sleep for a month. There were a couple nights after the bloodbath at work that I was having a hard time sleeping, but every night since then I have been unconscious. It's been so nice to actually be able to relax enough to sleep that well and it's been much needed this week.

~A tremendous simple joy came this week when I found out that my best friend Julie booked a plane ticket to come visit me in August. I miss her so much and am really looking forward to seeing her.

~The 4th of July was observed on Friday where I work, so I had a three day weekend this week. That was something for me to look forward to all week. Three days off makes me so happy! Plus, on Friday morning, Scott suggested we hit our favorite dive breakfast place. Yummy food for cheap. Can't go wrong with that. It was a fun treat.

~We spent the 4th on the beach with some people from work having a few drinks and watching fireworks. We had a really nice time. (Well, until we left and realized that Scott's truck was towed, but we're focusing on the good stuff here...)

~With everything that's been going on in my life with work this week, I am ever so grateful to all of my family and friends (both in my daily life and my virtual life). The love, support, kind words, advice, and overall good vibes that everyone has shared with me have meant the world to me. Thank you all so very much.

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mermaiden said...

What a great exercise to maintain mental balance. May your gratitude trickle down...

mermaiden said...

What a wonderful exercise for mental balance. May your gratitude trickle down....

Heather said...

Thanks for participating again. I was without Internet yesterday and most of today so I didn't have a post done, but I added one now! I hope to be back in the routine soon.

Athena's Armoury said...

With all of the stuff that's been stressing me out or making me upset for one reason or another lately, I've found these posts to be a great way of saying "see it isn't all that bad." And it's helped!

Heather, Simple Joy Sunday needs it's ring leader back!