Sunday, July 12, 2009

Simple Joy Sunday

~After all of the dental drama of the past year, i finally got my bridge permanently cemented in! Even though things haven't settled down yet (I swear my teeth are literally pissed off at me), I am so hopeful that things might be quiet for a little while when they do.

~I had been eying EA Sports Active for the Wii since before it came out, but thought that I'd wait until I hear what people are saying about it before I even think about buying yet another Wii work out game. Needless to say, people are loving it, so I decided to treat myself to it! I have only used it once so far, but it is fun and kinda kicked my ass. Hello, my name is Janine and I'm a Wii fitness program addict.

~My new phone (Nokia 5800, which I'm in love with by the way) has a GPS on it and I was having issues getting the driving direction program to work. It seems so silly, but it made me so happy and satisfied this week when I finally figured it out.

~I've always been a little new agey, but have been encouraged even more so by my work friend Ramona. She's quite an impressive psychic and has been feeling my pain since the bloodbath at work recently. Last week, she gifted me with an obsidian egg, a quartz crystal, and an anointing oil. All gifts given of love for protection and healing. This week, I walked into my office to find a witch's broom for clearing negativity. It was so sweet and thoughtful of her to care that much to bring me items with such meaning. It meant the world to me that she thought to do those things.

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mermaiden said...

Hope you use the gifts from Ramona. She is well tuned in to you and hears you loud and clear. It seems like she's giving you tools that will really help you :D

Amy said...

Hello! I have been thinking about getting a Wii just for the work out games, since I hear so many good things about them. I'm pretty sure they would kick my butt.

Heather said...

I so need to get back on the Wii Fit. Desperately.

Andrea Paulie said...

I think my teeth are mad at me too, I broke one in half on a cereal bar and its driving me mad!! Luckily its at the back of my mouth as I can't get it fixed until 21st august!! :-)

Athena's Armoury said...

Julie: Yeah, she's a pretty awesome woman. I've been using the anointing oil every work day and I keep the obsidian and crystal close by on my desk if I feel the need to hold them. The broom is in the corner of my office also near my desk. I think I'm going to make her a chakra anklet as a thank you.

Ponder: The Wii Fit game itself kicked my butt at first, but it actually didn't take me long to get used to it. I've since picked up two other games for variety.

Heather: I had been doing so good for a while, but then life got in the way for a few weeks and I haven't truly gotten back into since. It's been off and on. My plan is to start the 30 day challenge on my new Wii program and hope that it keeps me accountable enough to get with it again.

Beady: OMG, that's horrible! I hope everything is okay!! Dental drama is no fun at all.

Izile: Thank you so much! I'll go check out your blog to see what I have to do.