Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Day Raffle - ALL Proceeds to Benefit Susan G. Komen

I am thrilled to announce my first big fundraising event for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure: Athena's Armoury is hosting an online raffle! Thanks to the support and generosity of the handmade community who donated their talents, ALL proceeds will benefit my fundraising for the 3 Day!!

Some of the work you will see was custom made just for this raffle, there are items that are the signature piece of the artist, others are completely one of a kind, all items are handmade and fabulous. There really is a little bit of everything including artwork, jewelry, plushies, sculpture, and wallhangings. And believe me when I tell you, the work truly is spectacular!!

There is approximately $600 worth of amazing handmade items included. If just five people buy just a single ticket for every piece in the raffle, we will raise $600 in the fight against breast cancer!! That would be absolutely amazing. Will you help make a difference?

Okay, here's what you do:
~Read this page for information about the 3 Day and how the raffle works. This is important because it will explain to you how to purchase your raffle tickets. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions.
~Go explore the plethora of handmade goodies that you have the opportunity to win.

Thank you so much for your support & have fun!!!


Fairyqueencrochet said...

You have done a magnificent job!!! Everything looks fantastic and beautiful. I love the placement of all the treasures. Such talented FAE'ers. I applaud you and I know the raffle will be a big success! xxx Sandy

threadsofmagique said...

Wonderful job, Janine! I'm so glad you got a big response! I'll put it on my blog tomorrow.

Armored Hearts said...

Thank you so much, Janine, for allowing me to participate. Your raffle will generate much needed funds for research.

Lady Steel said...

Am sooo excited. I may have mentioned, my Mom, sister and aunt have all beat breast cancer. Go for the good fight girls!
Beautiful work everyone, is fun to see the beauties brought to the cause. Great work Janine, may your good deeds smooth the road of life.
Peace~Lady Steel of 88Links

Bradley said...

Glad I could help contribute. My blog post is up.

mermaiden said...

What a beautiful effort!
My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor :D
I'll be posting about this on my blog soon!

Meri Greenleaf said...

I'll be blogging about this really soon. I'm so glad you've gotten so much interest- I hope you can raise a lot of money. :)

Athena's Armoury said...

All of you are wonderful and have a very special place in my heart for your kindness and support. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Okay, finally got the blog post up in my blog about this:
Sorry it took me a while!

I also told my fiancé about it, so he should be getting me at least one ticket soon. :)