Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Breast Cancer Awareness Accessories

From now until Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9), I'd like to share some love with all of you!
I want to give you a free silicone breast cancer awareness bracelet, a pink awareness ribbon, and a breast self exam card.
All three free!!

What do you have to do to get the free goods? It's simple, really:

-Make purchase from the Pink Warrior Collection at Athena's Armoury on Etsy or Artfire and use the code "awareness." ALL proceeds from the purchase of items in the Pink Warrior Collection will go directly to my fundraising for the 3 Day to support breast cancer research & breast health programs.


-Enter the handmade raffle that I'm hosting to benefit breast cancer research. If I pick your ticket to win one of the amazing pieces, you'll get this bonus gift, too!

Have fun & thanks for supporting breast cancer research!!

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