Friday, May 27, 2011

More Prep on the Raised Garden Bed

We made some more progress prepping the land for the raised garden bed!  We spent three hours outside working on it (and mowing the lawn) and came in a bit weary, but the foundational work is done.

Last week, Scott finished getting rid of all of those crazy roots while I finished a bit more raking up of weeds and grass.  Basically, this step was all about building up the ground and leveling it.  We had a big pile of dirt from a ditch that Scott had been working on a while ago that we used to build up the area where the garden bed will go.

Big Pile of Dirt

I got busy raking out the soil from the piles that Scott was distributing.  While we were working, I was thrilled to find this lantana plant growing wild in our grass.  I wanted to dig it out and plant it with my (store bought) lantana, but didn't get to it before it was weed whacked.  Scott meant well: he left behind a weed thinking it was the one I wanted.  Oops.  Oh, well.  Maybe it will grow back...  Anyway, the one I have blossoms a very pale yellow and turns pink.  This one was orange and pink.  I really love how they change colors!


After all of the dirt was distributed, we went back and wet the ground.  Our soil is really, really sandy.  We tried to use the tamper without it wet and it just went up in a cloud of dust and scattered everywhere.

Wet is All the Better To Tamp

I took on the task of tamping while Scott went off and mowed the lawn.  I tried to let the tool do the work for me, but it's still damn heavy!

Me Starting the Tamping

By the time we were done, the pile of dirt was gone.

Pile of Dirt is All Gone

And, hopefully, we now have level ground to start assembling the bed.

Level Ground

So excited!

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