Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cramming to Get Ready for Craft Fair on Saturday!

This was my table from a psychic fair a friend from work invited me to show at. This is from a LONG time ago when I was involved with beaded and wire wrapped jewelry, hemp, and candles. I had only just discovered chain maille and only had three pieces of it with me.

I found out yesterday that I can vend (free of charge) at a fair on Saturday. Well, it's really a grand opening of an art and activity center for kids that is hosting a craft fair as part of their grand opening celebration. I had been reluctant to do it because I didn't think it would be my demographic, but the more I thought about it. . .

Well, I'm hurriedly trying to figure out my display and some more kid friendly items. I'm a little stressed out about it because I have so little time to prepare. The way I figure it: worse case scenario, I get to spend the day enjoying being outside which is a luxury I rarely afford myself; best case, well, we all know best case is making some sales and meeting some people. I think I'm going to bring some of my beaded and wire wrapped jewelry, hemp for the kiddies, and my DIY Necklace Kits (with gemstones and sterling silver findings) in addition to my maille to try and tap more people's interest.

I also think I'm going to bring some rings and my pliers and do some demos. I wish I was in the middle of a large project to show and make it more interesting.

My to do list also includes all kinds of businessy kinds of things that need to get done, too, like: price tags, promo stuff, displays, bags for purchases, maybe making some kind of banner.

Here are some awesome fair tips from Amanda (aka MrsDragon) at her blog The Dragon's Wares.

What do you do to get ready for a fair? What's the one fair item you can't live without?


bijouxboutique said...

Good luck with the craft fair, and it is a good idea to take something to make, it makes people stop and look and they are more likely to buy, I have found this works.

Anonymous said...

I can't not live without my canopy and tarp. It is my best setup. Since I deal with clothing, I can hang everything from the canopy and use tables as needed. It's really great. Demos or working at your station is the best. People always stop and watch.


FairiesNest said...

Good Luck with your fair! I think you have the right attitude going in and that can actually be really helpful. I find I get calls days and even weeks after a show from someone who sees a piece and later realizes they have to have it. Take plenty of cards!! And Demos are a fantastic idea!

Amanda Conger said...

Thanks for the link! I hope other people can find it helpful too. : )

I have great faith in you! Even if the fair is a dud, at least you will have experience with set up, etc--for free! : D

Athena's Armoury said...

Thank you so much for the advice and support everyone!! I'll try and post an update of my progress getting ready as well as let you know how it goes. Right now, they're predicting rain in the morning and wind the rest of the day, so keep your fingers crossed that the weatherman is wrong. =)