Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing Catch Up in Pictures

Last week I received such a phenomenal wire order! All kinds of yummy stuff including a sampler of anodized aluminum rings, a sampler of scale maille, 2 pounds each of 16 gauge and 18 gauge bright aluminum (BA) wire, and 10 pounds* of 14 gauge BA wire. I already finished a custom dice bag with some of the anodized aluminum rings and am starting on an Uber bag (yup, that's the Crown Royal size) for a friend. Part of my mom's birthday present this year is a pouch for her iPod with the green (her favorite color) anodized aluminum rings. Then, I have so many plans for more armour and some production line jewelry. So much metal to play with!!

I've been talking about the fact that I'm working on the Fantasy Artists of Etsy Street Team's Round Robin for FOREVER now!! Come Hell or high water, I will finish my part for this doll! Here's a work in progress picture so you know I'm not lying. . .

<== Scott recently bought me this fabulous tool chest, I just had to share with you. It's beautiful!

On a side note, I'm so excited to finally have my taillight guards on my Jeep! I've had these things for probably a year and a half and have been searching for the correct hardware for them ever since. ==>

Lastly, Jack wanted to say hi. Here he is "overseeing" my maille work:


Lissa said...

Good lord! All those jump rings! I get giddy when my wire orders come in..sad..I know...

Haven't had a chance to do a maille class yet, but I LOVE that dice bag!And kudos on getting the jeep fixed. Hubs has one too and you would think it's his kid.

Thanks for the compliment on my Titiana earrings. I love those things!

Athena's Armoury said...

I usually cut all of my own rings, except for when I use stainless steel and anodized. The steel is too hard for my cutter and the anodized look better when bought as rings instead of wire because then the color will be on the cut ends as well.

Thanks for the compliment on the dice bag!

Yeah, Jeep owners get a little crazy sometimes. It's just such a fun ride. Luckily, there wasn't anything wrong with it, the taillight guards were just a fun upgrade that I wanted. Weeeeeee!

Kirsten said...

My husband got me a tool chest that looks exactly like that for Christmas. He got the one from Grizzly.
It's nice!

Athena's Armoury said...

I honestly have no idea where Scott got it, but I love it. It's so pretty that I didn't want to put anything in it at first. =)

FairiesNest said...

Big lovely piles of creative materials are so inspiring...I guess the way a writer must feel seeing a notebook with creamy blank pages...yum! And I love the idea of chain maille ipod pouches...will you have some in your shop?...She asked hopefully!

Athena's Armoury said...

fairiesnest: Actually, she just wants to use a Dice Bag as a pouch for her iPod. I guess she carries around not just the iPod and earbuds, but also the charger so she wanted to make sure everything would fit. I'd be more than glad to make a custom sized bag, though, if you're interested.

FairiesNest said...

Excellent! I'll send you a convo. BTW my cat loves to sit in the middle of my work space too...what's up with that!?

melissa said...

What a great chest! so very handy.
Your an amazing artist!

Love all your work. I'll have to sell some things to be able to get something from your hands.

Your Blog is great!
My Cat Belle is alway getting into what I'm working on. They are so silly.

Have a great Weekend!!